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Tuesday, 29 May 2018




The latest buzz word in the continuing debate  about  the environment is "Sustainable Management"  that  means using plants and animals for our own benefit, but ensuring that enough Are  left  alive to guarantee the survival of species. This sounds good, but is it practical in reality? In Spite o f years of scientific research, no one really knows how much damage human beings are doing to their environment. We know that they are responsible for many problems ranging from Global warming to ozone depletion, and there is no doubt that they have a devastating effect on Animal and plant life on earth. About 50000 animal and plant species are becoming extinct every Year. All species depend in some way on one another for survival. If you remove one species from this complex web of interrelationships, we have little idea of the repercussions on the ecosystem in General.
Preserving biodiversity remains a difficult dilemma. Sustainable management of trees requires Controls on the number of trees which are cut down as well as investment in replacing them.

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