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Sunday, 10 June 2018


This post is for  beginners, showing how to change blog theme in blogger. it is very easy to proceed .

Go to option "Theme" at left side menu bar. then go to "Customize" option to make changes in themes and layout of your theme. or else if you are expert in coding ,then you can go with "Edit Html" button and make changes by coding properly.

When you click on customize option then, you will find options like theme, background, adjust width, layout, Advanced.
changing theme, background color, adding  background images, adjusting width of post area and sidebars,  making changes in layout can be easily made here.

To change theme, Tap on "Themes" then the following dialogue box appears

From the custom themes by blogger, select the theme you would like to apply to your blog. You would see some simple and dynamic themes , once you select any theme , you check the theme by clicking on " Live blog"

once you are done with selecting theme the click on "Apply to blog" option on the top right menu bar as shown in above picture.

This is the easiest way to change the theme in blogger . You can also change theme from third party theme providers.


Go to the site of third party theme provider ( you can google it ) then download the html code file from the provider.

Now  you can open your blogger and in "Theme" option tap on "Edit html" option , now the box of  html codes of  blog appears.

 now, just click anywhere inside the box and select all the text (or use short key ctrl+A) and delete the codes and just drag the theme file to the box then, the codes get copied in that box and then click on "Save theme" to save the theme and you can see the blog on tapping "view blog" option at the left side menu bar.


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