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Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Certain Basic Criteria

     It is not simply what you say that brings you success in an interview; it is your manners and presence that count more than your words will .While grades and subjects studied are important, attitude matters a lot . A positive attitude is always the best seller.

·         Knock the door before entering
·         When asked to enter, walk steadily towards them.
·          Greet the ladies first, then the gentlemen. If offered hands shake firmly.
·         Enter the chair from the right
·         After the chair is offered ,pull the chair a little and sit relaxed
·         Keep the file or folder credentials on your lap
·         Have direct eye contact with the person questioning  you
·         Use clear and simple language and speak audibly
·         When appreciated for an answer, respond with a ‘thank you’. If the answer is wrong say ‘sorry’
·         Thank everybody before leaving
·         Try to answer questions fully, not just with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Certain Don’ts

·         Being late for interview, that’s being lethargic, is sign of irresponsibility.
·         Going unprepared.
·         Saying unfavourable things about previous employers.
·         Making false excuses for failings.
·         Giving vague responses that convey lack of career planning.
·         Laying much emphasis on money.
·         Refusing to travel or relocate yourself.
·         Demonstrating low moral standards such as strong prejudice or any personal intolerance.
·         Having your mobile ON during interviews.

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