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Monday, 18 June 2018


1. Assess yourself  : Your needs, your strengths, weakness, the kind of work you enjoy, the kind of experience you can contribute and the environment best suited for your skills

2. Study the company  : Study the company to which you are interviewed by talking to somebody working there or vising the web site.
  •     Know the company's  mission, unique strength, quality control, profitability, global market, important people, interview process.
3. Memorize your resume in such a way that the items mentioned illustrates one of your particular strengths or weakness.

Points to be remembered on the day of interview.

1. Dressing style and Appearance
  • Wear a pleasant, formal attire.
  • Belts, formal shoes, watch reflect a lot about your personality.
  • A close haircut, trim shaving and mustache grooming are must.
  • check out your nails, teeth and hair
  • wear only a minimum of ornaments.
  • Avoid garlic, onions and very spicy food to reduce the possibility of bad breath or unpleasant odour.
  • Religious marks and objects may be avoided to get away from prejudice.

2. Be Punctual.

3. Relax Yourself  : By doing breathing exercises or listening to your favourite music , praying and meditating or doing yoga.

4. Do not carry too many things in your hands. Keep them in one decent file holder or bag.

5. Practise good posture : grace and posture are inextricably interviewed.
  • While walking, do with energy- see that your steps are smooth, not jerky. place your weight evenly on each foot.
  • stand up straight but not ramrod stiff, feet firmly planted to exude an air of confidence and alertness. 
  • While ascending stairs, keep your back straight and head up.
  • while sitting, sit well, keep your neck and shoulder straight. Keep feet firm on the ground . Do not sit leg crossed.
  • Keep your facial expression positive and alert.
  • Most important of all, remember to Smile genuinely. It will improve your vocal quality.


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