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Wednesday, 13 June 2018


This is the main issue you may face when you add or download themes from any third party theme or templates providers. It displays their credits or hyperlink on the footer.

If you directly delete or alter the code of footer or copyrights , then when you open your blog, it redirects to that templates provider's site. so in order to avoid that issue you have two methods to be followed.
1. Hiding the credits or footer.
2. Removing java script.

The method of hiding the credits or footer can be done by adding style='visibility:hidden'  after element id.

 you may spot <div class='******'> The name inside the inverted commas would be different. 

 Add code for hiding after the element id. the code is  style='visibility:hidden'   to hide the entire footer. if any elements remains same then add this code after that element id and save your theme

One more step you can do is removing java script

Tap or click anywhere inside the code area and press Ctrl+F to search any words inside the code area, a search box may appear on the right side top, Then type <![CDATA[  and press search.

Delete the script after the code <![CDATA[ , select the entire code and  delete it.

On scrolling down you may find the script again , mark them (select them ) and delete.
 save the theme.

Now once if you hide or remove the footer credits of your theme provider, you can enter credits or copyrights of your own.


The code for adding footer credits or copyrights

<footer> copyrights 2018 www.tecknowledgehub.com </footer>

I have used my site's URL, in place of that you can use your own name or company or site
and the code for copyright symbol ©  is  &#169 .

 You can align to center because initially  it appear in the left side by default.


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