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Wednesday, 18 July 2018


Tell me/us about yourself.

This question is invariably asked in the majority of interviews as the interviewers can use this time to relax themselves in between questioning candidates in a succession. Also, this gives time to the candidates to overcome the first jitters.

·         Most candidates dread this question and start with a silly ‘basically, my name is ……….’ By repeating the stuff in ones CV will demonstrate one’s lack of imagination and creativity.
·         Let your response be brief and catchy directing into your positive areas.  Even if you have prepared an answer for this question, never rush it. Don’t make it look like a rote memory recall.
·         One way of starting can be: “Coming as I do from a progressive family, I have always felt that education has given me a special advantage over many others….”
·         Don’t hesitate to talk about yourself

What you know about this organization?

Talk about what you have learnt about the organization- the products manufactured, the output, etc. Tell about the challenges, not the burning problems. Tell about the scope for new learning and development, career growth, etc.

What are your strengths?

Stay positive. Mention job related traits. Never exaggerate.
Tell them in what positive aspects you can contribute to their organization by telling your experiences while working with classmates on your project during your academic career, your technical, professional, organizational skills, etc.
·         Your ability to priorities.
·         Your problem-solving skills.
·         Your ability to work under pressure.
·         Your leadership and your interpersonal skills.
·         Your ability to focus on projects.
·         Your ability to honour commitments.
·         Your willingness to learn new things.

Define success and explain how you would implement that in the organization?
  • ·         This is one of the tie-breaker questions which determine your employability whether you will climb up the ladder or not.
  • ·         Begin your definition of success, like this: “I learned early in my life that it is passion that drives me towards my goal. But as life progressed, I have found out that only hard wok yields success. I constantly strive to improve my performance by questioning how I could have accomplished more the previous day or the previous work. This helps me to achieve greater than the last time.
  • ·         In order to answer the second part of the question, tell them about something that you had done earlier as a sample which is in consonance with the question. You can tell about how you can improve profits or reduce cost, etc. this will bring about the fact that you had researched the company before the interview. This will bring out your enthusiasm, confidence and ambition.

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