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Friday, 13 July 2018


A new chapter has been opened in the history of memory cards. Cards up to 128 TB and 985 MBps transfer speeds will be built. The SD Association of SD Cards, released this information. Their new SD 7.0, the specification is going to open this huge possibility in front of memory card makers. SD cards will have two new modes: SD Ultra Capacity (SDUC) and SD Express.
The PCIe High-Speed ​​Interface, and the NVMe upper layer protocol that makes sure the transfer rate, is actually making the revolutionary changes. These two brilliant changes allow SD cards to be used as removable SSDs. The maximum capacity of the existing SD cards is 2TB. It will be available in new SDXC cards. The maximum transfer speed of the existing HS-III SDXC cards is 624MBps. The express SD cards will be SDHC (32GB), SDXC (2TB) and SDUC (128TB).

New cards can also be used on existing billions of SD card slots as the new PCIe interface is mixed with the existing UHS-I interface. Super-slow motion video, shoots of continuous roto photos and video, 8K video recording, playback, 360 degree video recording and multi-channel usage all devices are all gets revolutionary changes. New cards also provide options for bus drivers, bus messaging, multimedia support and host memory buffer.

New SD Express cards can be used on UHS-I, UHS-II, UHS-III and host devices. But it will be slow to process. If you need maximum speed, then you need SD Express Host Device. That means, if you need 985MBps transfer speed, you need equipment with SD express host. Mobile phones with much TB storage will be also available.

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