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Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Magnifying / Zooming objects which are far away from the sight is something that every photographer admire. Though those who are using DSLC never bother this. Once there were tight competition between NIKON and CANON regarding the Zooming power for 'point and shoot' cameras. But NIKON leading the market with their superzoom concepts of camera. Nikon sealed their monopoly with superzoom cameras in the market. the zoom range of Coolpix P900 is 24 - 2000mm, But company recently released their gadget Coolpix P1000 with a zoom range of 24-3000mm and 125x optical zoom power , which can be extended to 6000mm zoom range on using Dynamic fine zoom, still if you are not satisfied, then you can use 4x digital zoom to reach 12000mm zoom range .
weight 1.4 kg
ISO range 100 - 6400
Video- 4K/30p, 1080p/60p

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