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Saturday, 11 August 2018


Communication is an integral part of our life. The print media and electronic media are common sources through which news gets dissipated to everyone. In olden days, the only source of news communication was through the print media which took the form of news paper and magazines. News papers provide all information in the static form and people can read it at their own pace and time. It could be carried anywhere and read at leisure. The print media can target the people in a particular geographical area. The advertisements displayed in the print media can be studied and decision can be taken carefully. The disadvantage is that the shelf life is limited i.e. newspapers are meant for a day. Likewise, it gives a limited scope whereas the internet or television gives a wide scope.

The electronic media has created a revolution against the print media. advantage is that the news reaches the audience faster than the print media. The e-media is free and helps avoid wastage of paper. With the advent of laptop or palm top, it can be accessed anywhere and at anytime without having to wait for the newspaper boy to drop the paper at the doorstep. The many popular social networking sites available on the internet, these days have brought the world within limits. When one wants to know detailed information on any topic, the internet is easily accessible. One is able to get contact with long lost friends and relatives making the electronic media a very useful tool. But, there are a few drawbacks in the electronic media. Relatives who met more often in olden days have become events of bygone days. Youngsters are satisfied seeing their parents over Skype or chatting through WhatsApp. The personal touch of yester years is no longer available.

In conclusion, both the media have their own merits and demerits. However, considering today's fast paced world, e-media out performs the print media and has become the favourite of today's younger generation.

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